A little girl was waiting for dinner at the dining room table when tragedy occurred. She discovered that balancing on the hind legs of her chair was very entertaining when she pushed herself too far and her 2 year old fingers lacked the strength to pull her back to safety. The dining room had a hard tile floor and a newly installed sliding glass door. As she fell back, her head went through the glass door and found herself staring up at the jagged glass that looked as if it could crumble down any moment. She was quickly rescued by her mother who gently lifted her head and slowly pulled her out. The little girl was snugly wrapped in her blanket and was caressed in her mothers arms on the passenger side of the car as her father drove them to the hospital. The doctor gave her a shot to deaden the pain before he started stitching but didn’t wait long enough for the medicine to kick in. After the stitches, her head was wrapped in a big bandage that pushed her ears down. She has the scar from that accident to this day. That little girl is me and this is my first and only memory of the 1980’s.

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