I really enjoyed this documentary and would say I have to agree. Regarding my earlier post on copyright, I did not realize at the time of writing (a couple hours ago) that copyright meant that companies and corporations were basically doing a complete lock down on anything of theirs. Which is hypocritical since they themselves stole good ideas to to turn around and say no one else can steal their good ideas. I do believe in the phrase that was used in the documentary that creativity is built on inspiration. We are all people on this earth who have similar experiences and will produce similar work. And when we build our ideas on top of others ideas; that is how we grow and evolve. That is partially why I like film so much, because they are taking all these different components and interweaving them into it’s own work of art. And if a different director were to get a hold of the same thing and change it to how he sees it; it will speak to those who can relate to him and disgust those who relate more to the original. Though I tend to like ‘Originals’ more than remakes; but sometimes the remakes will surprise you and become better than the original.

One thing that I don’t think the documentary covered was fan fiction/art. This may be off topic, but I recently learned that the writer of a comic(based on a video game) I am reading, was hired by the company after seeing her fan art of that video game. I have heard that more and more companies are hiring their fans because they will invest in the job.

So in order for us to proceed with digital storytelling in this class, we are going to have to give credit where credit is due or do our best to make our remix work as ‘original’ as we possibly can.

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