For this assignment I debated about using the emotion “inspiring” since the songs I find that make me happy, pumped, or just plain emotional I find them to also be inspiring. So I decided to just go with happy to narrow it down.

The first song is called Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The lyrics are fun and the best bit in my opinion is the little dialog the duet have towards the end. It’s just a good human story that creates almost an admiration for the two singers.

Another song that makes me happy is Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes. It makes me want to take a country drive with the windows down. It simply makes me want go out and experience life.

Lastly is Crosses by Jose Gonzalez. I think a big reason I enjoy this song is because it is from a video game I play called “Life is Strange”. Hearing it transforms me back to this virtual world full of mystery and human relationships. I played this game during the midst of my divorce and it was a beautiful escape for me.

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