The designer of this one took the shape of the melting clock and made a physical replica of it. It grabs your attention since it is out of the norm.
This designer effectively used the negative space to hold it all together and highlight the important parts.
This entire globe is using line as a design element. Not just to line out the countries and states, but rivers, flight patterns, etc.
This design is using symmetry to and minimal colors to create a sleek and classic look.
I love the typography of the back of the this old photo. It is very elaborate as well as royal looking.
The fabric texture adds depth and richness to this table cloth. If it was plastic, it would have a completely different feel to it.
This DVD cover doesn’t look like there was a plan at all and likely there wasn’t. The bullet list should be removed. It is better suited for the back and is repeated on the back cover. The focal point is just the head of a fish. I would have picked a picture that was more obviously fly fishing like a man in is waders casting.
The design isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just out of date. But I’d say the part I dislike the most is the beige shape in the background. It also needs a better color scheme.


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