This week I decided that for my 5 minutes of the radio show I’d do a news piece on “current” events and trends in 1986. We are not doing a certain year, but I figured I’d just focus on one year since it’s a news bit. In order to find the topics, I decided to watch an old episode of “I Love The 80’s: 1986: on YouTube and wrote down many of the topics that were mentioned. I then organized them in the order I wanted them to go and came up with a script for them. I also took audio from YouTube for each of the topics I included in the radio show.

I edited everything in Audition and once I got the audio clips cut down and edited; I worked on getting my voice to sound just right. I originally used the effect “Radio Announcer” but I wanted to have the “aged” sound of being on the radio to fit the time period. I then found the right sound I wanted with “AM Radio” effect but it was too quiet even after increasing the volume for that track. So I added an addition effect and amplified my voice and it turned out great. I was also able to find a news intro on audio library on YouTube.

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