For the radio show I don’t feel like the group collaborated much, but rather everyone kinda did their own thing. At least we announced what we were going to be doing so that we didn’t end up all doing the same thing like commercials and what not.

I ended up being the one to edit everything together. I think it turned out not too bad. The hardest part for me was making sure everything sounded uniform as best as it could, especially with volume. I used the Multitrack editor in Audition to help level everything out. The flow doesn’t seem too bad either, but I’ve listened to it a lot and would prefer to hear from someone who didn’t edit it. Overall, it was a fun project and I’ve grown to enjoy audio editing.

I uploaded my segment to Sound Cloud, but for some reason when I paste it into here it says that they couldn’t find it.

The final radio show-

Daily Creates-

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