I am very interested in videography and would love to practice it more. I watched all of the videos you posted for this week and found them to be very informative. Since we have to make a mini-doc about someone in the community I decided to make a list of people I could ask. I chose to ask my daughters preschool teacher and she gracefully agreed, so I will be going in to the school to record this week. I also bought a lavalier mic to plug into my phone since that is the only digital camera that I own. I have concerns that lighting will be a problem indoors, but hopefully I will be able to improve it some with editing.

Hitch Cut Assignment

This one is from last semester.

For this project I feel weirdly neutral about it. I think that is partially due to trying Premier Pro instead of Premier Rush. Pro is more complicated and I think my processor might be too slow for it because it lagged a lot. And because of the lag I couldn’t play with it as much as I would’ve liked. #ds106 #VideoAssignments #VideoAssignments2030

Daily Create

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