This week I went and filmed the footage I would need for my mini-doc. I spent nearly all day at my daughters school on Friday. I ended up not having class that day so it was the perfect day for this project. I got a lot of good footage of the classroom and the kids, but towards the end of the day I was told by staff that I would not be able to use anything with the other children in it for confidentiality reasons. The only child I could use was my daughter. I had to change gears and took a lot more footage of the school itself. Lighting was also another problem since I only had my phone to use for this project. With some editing I think it came out okay for the limits I had. When I started editing I noticed that I had to scrap one of the interview questions because there was some weird background noise I couldn’t edit out.

Overall, I think the project turned out pretty good considering the lack of equipment. Makes me really want to invest in a camera, tripod, and lighting. The process was a lot of fun and I enjoyed putting it together to create this little story.

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