The best way to learn and develop a skill for design is to first become conscious of a good design when you see it. Then to evaluate and analyse what makes this design “good.” What is the design trying to communicate? Pay attention to the details, because the more details you find, the more the “story” unfolds.

Another way to develop this skill is to study the psychology behind design, different designers(similarities/differences), mediums, and styles. Then put all of this into practice. Try all of it and see what suits you. Create varying goals you want to achieve using design and try them out.

Reading through the Design Resources I really liked this quote, “Every object, feeling, word or element in the world is represented internally (in our minds) by some sort of metaphor, and the key to design efficiently is to collect the elements that are common to every table, and unify them in a visual representation.”

Art and design are all about trying to communicate with the tools before us. The better we get with our tools, the better we are able to communicate effectively.

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