Final Project

For this project I decided to go with option one. I really enjoyed making that mini-documentary and wanted to try my hand at it again. It took me about a week to finally figure out who or want I wanted the documentary to be about. I remembered a conversation I had with my professor about the project and he mentioned how he thought someone should do a mini-documentary about me. So I thought that is exactly what I will do. I am creating a mini-documentary about myself if I were a single mother going to college in the 1980’s. One way I thought would help create the feel of it being set in the 80’s is smoking cigarettes. I figured if I were a single mom in the 80’s, I would probably be a smoker. Smoking was very common for me to see and be around as a child and I think it will help add to the atmosphere of this video project. I also decided to incorporate photography into the project since that is another medium that we focused on this semester.

For footage I took video of my kids spanning over about a week of various situations. I also wanted to capture myself interacting with the kids which can be hard to do since I don’t have anyone to be my cameraman for me. I also did video of myself preparing dinner one night, but I don’t really care for the angle that much. I think I will invest in a tripod to help me not only get the angle I desire, but a steady shot as well.

My mini-documentary is based on a true story about a single mom who is going to college for the first time in the 1980s. It was interesting trying to shoot my own interview. It’s a little challenging for me to act and not look at the camera. It was also challenging to look like I am actually a smoker. Again the angle definitely could’ve been better, but I think it will work. I decided to try something new by doing a lot of cropping of my shots. I also decided to do a small box on just a part of my face. I was also intentional about there being no music for the body of the video(only in the intro and outro). I wanted to create the feeling that life as a single mom is very isolating.

I put the entire video together in Premier Rush first, then put the video into Pro and created 3 layers of the video, one over the other. I changed the color of each one to be Red, Green, and Blue. Positioned the red the left and the blue to the right slightly, then added the effect Noise to recreate the VHS look. I think my video turned out nice and am very happy with it.

Here’s the tutorial I watched for how to get the VHS look.

Week 10 Summary: Mini-Doc

This week I went and filmed the footage I would need for my mini-doc. I spent nearly all day at my daughters school on Friday. I ended up not having class that day so it was the perfect day for this project. I got a lot of good footage of the classroom and the kids, but towards the end of the day I was told by staff that I would not be able to use anything with the other children in it for confidentiality reasons. The only child I could use was my daughter. I had to change gears and took a lot more footage of the school itself. Lighting was also another problem since I only had my phone to use for this project. With some editing I think it came out okay for the limits I had. When I started editing I noticed that I had to scrap one of the interview questions because there was some weird background noise I couldn’t edit out.

Overall, I think the project turned out pretty good considering the lack of equipment. Makes me really want to invest in a camera, tripod, and lighting. The process was a lot of fun and I enjoyed putting it together to create this little story.

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Week 9 & 10 Summary: Video

I am very interested in videography and would love to practice it more. I watched all of the videos you posted for this week and found them to be very informative. Since we have to make a mini-doc about someone in the community I decided to make a list of people I could ask. I chose to ask my daughters preschool teacher and she gracefully agreed, so I will be going in to the school to record this week. I also bought a lavalier mic to plug into my phone since that is the only digital camera that I own. I have concerns that lighting will be a problem indoors, but hopefully I will be able to improve it some with editing.

Hitch Cut Assignment

This one is from last semester.

For this project I feel weirdly neutral about it. I think that is partially due to trying Premier Pro instead of Premier Rush. Pro is more complicated and I think my processor might be too slow for it because it lagged a lot. And because of the lag I couldn’t play with it as much as I would’ve liked. #ds106 #VideoAssignments #VideoAssignments2030

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Radio Show week 2 Summary

For the radio show I don’t feel like the group collaborated much, but rather everyone kinda did their own thing. At least we announced what we were going to be doing so that we didn’t end up all doing the same thing like commercials and what not.

I ended up being the one to edit everything together. I think it turned out not too bad. The hardest part for me was making sure everything sounded uniform as best as it could, especially with volume. I used the Multitrack editor in Audition to help level everything out. The flow doesn’t seem too bad either, but I’ve listened to it a lot and would prefer to hear from someone who didn’t edit it. Overall, it was a fun project and I’ve grown to enjoy audio editing.

I uploaded my segment to Sound Cloud, but for some reason when I paste it into here it says that they couldn’t find it.

The final radio show-

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Radio News

This week I decided that for my 5 minutes of the radio show I’d do a news piece on “current” events and trends in 1986. We are not doing a certain year, but I figured I’d just focus on one year since it’s a news bit. In order to find the topics, I decided to watch an old episode of “I Love The 80’s: 1986: on YouTube and wrote down many of the topics that were mentioned. I then organized them in the order I wanted them to go and came up with a script for them. I also took audio from YouTube for each of the topics I included in the radio show.

I edited everything in Audition and once I got the audio clips cut down and edited; I worked on getting my voice to sound just right. I originally used the effect “Radio Announcer” but I wanted to have the “aged” sound of being on the radio to fit the time period. I then found the right sound I wanted with “AM Radio” effect but it was too quiet even after increasing the volume for that track. So I added an addition effect and amplified my voice and it turned out great. I was also able to find a news intro on audio library on YouTube.

Summary Radio Show week 1

This week we were assigned to do a group project to produce our own 80’s themed radio show. Our group was very late in getting together, but we were finally able to connect. I went ahead and created a commercial for the show. I know one other person also created a commercial and another person had the idea to do a podcast of our group discussing 80’s topics. Drew offered to make his own song for the show.

Soda Commercial-

DS106 Radio Logo-

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1980’s Soda Commercial

For the radio show I decided to make an 80’s themed soda commercial. I decided it would be best to just make a fictional one. I looked up popular 80’s slang and chose to go with Chill Bomb Soda for the name of the product.

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DS106 Radio Logo

When I started this logo I was trying to incorporate a boombox, but the way I went about implementing it, it came out terrible so I completely scratched that and went with this design instead. I also decided to add the blue “Radio” shadow to it to create more interest. Also I removed the antennas I had on the zero of 106. It almost looked too alien and not radio enough. Instead the zero is to appear as a speaker.


The best way to learn and develop a skill for design is to first become conscious of a good design when you see it. Then to evaluate and analyse what makes this design “good.” What is the design trying to communicate? Pay attention to the details, because the more details you find, the more the “story” unfolds.

Another way to develop this skill is to study the psychology behind design, different designers(similarities/differences), mediums, and styles. Then put all of this into practice. Try all of it and see what suits you. Create varying goals you want to achieve using design and try them out.

Reading through the Design Resources I really liked this quote, “Every object, feeling, word or element in the world is represented internally (in our minds) by some sort of metaphor, and the key to design efficiently is to collect the elements that are common to every table, and unify them in a visual representation.”

Art and design are all about trying to communicate with the tools before us. The better we get with our tools, the better we are able to communicate effectively.

Week 6 Summary(Design)

Design is definitely something I want to learn more about. I find the psychology behind it very interesting such as the effect color has on us and how people have a natural way they scan an image. A good design has a strategy.

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Contradiction Creation

Elements of Design


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